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Jim Berney

Atlanta, Georgia - -



User Experience professional with 20+ years of experience in SMB security management, finance and accounting, systems management/monitoring, and telco enterprise applications. Roles have been as a people manager, design leader, user researcher, and consultant.

  1. International leadership experience across the US, Canada, and Europe building and managing teams
  2. Deep understanding of UX Design, Architecture and Research processes and how these processes lead to a better user experience;
  3. Passion to deliver designs that not only solve customer problems, but that continually simplify and enhance the customer’s overall experience;
  4. Personal focus on the overall Customer Experience to better understand all the customer touchpoints, not just the UX.



Sage Software, Atlanta, GA

Principle User Experience Architect; April 2017 - Present

Lead design and research activities for Sage Financials (Sage Live), an accounting and financial product built on the Salesforce platform using the Lightning Design System.

  1. Redesigned the complex process for Bank Reconciliation. Feature considered the most significant enhancement since initial product release. Performed workflow/task analysis and competitive reviews; produced a clickable prototype in Sketch; performed extensive testing with customers and partners.
  2. Implemented a design process within the team focused on personas, a common understanding of research findings, and an analysis of workflows and tasks using a "Design Thinking" based workshop;
  3. Redesigned the navigation (taxonomy) of the Financials product with the goal to improve user performance and to better support key processes of our users. This effort was driven by customer research and workflow analysis.
  4. Performing ongoing customer and partner research through onsite visits, phone interviews, and surveys. My goal is to create a feedback loop back into design.

Developed a design concept using Axure for the next generation analytics site. The goal of this design was to make the analytics actionable to the small business owner.

AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

Senior Manager UX Design; March 2014 - April 2017

Management - Recruited a talented group of UX designers distributed across the US and Canada.

Worked with Engineering and Product Marketing to constantly prioritize the UX backlog to ensure that the most important user stories were being addressed in each release. Input from our own internal user research, sales, support, and marketing all contributed to the right mix of enhancements for each release. I was responsible for on-time delivery of all UX activities across the SMB products. The Agile Methodology was used across the SMB engineering teams.

Built a culture where design reviews were routine and focused on design sharing and innovation. Design reviews involved the entire team, not just those working on a specific project. Team members were challenged and encouraged to push for the best design possible given the constraints.

Strategy and Planning - My role was tightly integrated with Product Marketing and Senior Management to envision new product concepts that brought enhanced security to both small and mid-sized business. The process began by understanding the business needs and direction, then iterating concepts with stakeholders based on research of how SMBs approach and manage security. My team delivered user flows, design sketches, prototypes, and visual design/branding concepts. Below are the key concepts we developed:

  1. Network Security Assessment – concept that scores security of devices, data, and users; drives the sale of security solutions to improve the customer’s score.;
  2. A simple, cloud-based approach for delivery and management of Security Solutions to SMB Owners; responsive design driven by extensive research;
  3. Mobile first, security solution for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market. This concept focused on total security of Data, Devices, and People.

Worked with Product Marketing to develop product roadmaps, then build a UX plan around each core feature planned. By engaging early in the process, we were able to plan prerequisite UX activities, such as user research or task/workflow analysis. Each time a product feature was touched, we made it an opportunity to improve the user experience.

Research - Although I did not have a dedicated researcher on my team, each designer was responsible for their own research. We talked with key customers and recruited users who met our product personas to better understand existing product issues and opportunities. We partnered with Account Executives in Sales and tier-3 support engineers to gain a deeper understanding of product issues. This feedback became an integral component of the design process to drive new design concepts and to prioritize bugs/enhancements.

Focus on the entire Customer Experience rather than individual features. Worked with SMB senior management and established communications between teams engaged in delivering any customer touch point that impacted product sales and retention.

AVG Technologies USA, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Senior User Experience Architect; November 2011 - March 2014

As a team of one, before building a larger team, I redesigned the AVG CloudCare Security Portal and designed companion iOS and Android apps based on user research and workflow analysis.

The redesign of CloudCare brought a standing ovation on rollout at the AVG Partner Summit in early 2013. To quote a PC Magazine review, "Alerting is so good that I expect many small to midsize business IT admins will take a "deploy and enjoy" stance", and "AVG does a great job of balancing simplicity and complexity..”

Oracle Corporation

Principle Interaction Designer; 2010 - 2011

Identified the need and drove sponsorship through management to provide UX support for the Oracle Mobile Fusion project. This project delivered a set of native mobile components into the Oracle Mobile ADF (Application Development Framework) platform.

Led the Mobile ADF design team to deliver the interaction and visual design specifications for each mobile component for the iOS platform. Team employed the Agile process.

Sun Microsystems

Senior Staff Engineer (a Principle position at Sun); 1999 - 2010

Promoted to the role of UX Architect for Sun's Java ES (JES) Middleware stack. First UX member of the Java ES Architectural Council. As UX Architect, I contributed the following:

  1. Worked with other product architects and Sun's Professional services to simplify and reduce the number of installer panels and to simplify configuration of the JES middleware stack. This configuration effort led to a set of Reference Architectures for our customers.
  2. Designed a prototype of a common console for administration of the middleware stack. Instead of managing through multiple admin consoles, this concept aggregated administration into a single window.

User Interface Review Board (UIRB) - As a senior member of Sun's UX team, I was a member of the UIRB. As part of the Sun software process, all products developed by the Software Group were reviewed by the UIRB. As a member, I was responsible for performing a heuristic review of each submitted product release and issuing a formal opinion to the product owner.

UX Team Lead for the project, a community portal for open source development. This team was responsible for all interaction design, visual design, and development of the HTML/CSS for the front-end. Team employed the Agile process. At the time, this project was considered Web 2.0, leading edge design.

Lead designer for the Sun Java ES Monitoring Console. I designed this console from the ground-up as a new product offering. This effort not only required a knowledge of monitoring, but knowledge of the architecture of the Java ES Middleware stack and components. The engineering team for this project was in Grenoble, France.

Lead designer during 2 different time periods for the Java ES Application Server (which later became Glassfish) and the Java ES Identity Server/Access Manager administrative consoles.

Lead designer for Sun's Messaging product team. This project involved redesigning the WebMail, Calendar, and Address Book products delivered as part of the Messaging Server. ISPs and enterprise customers could roll-out these products "out of the box" or customize and brand as needed.

Early contributor to the original team that developed a set of user interface “look and feel” standards and conventions for the design of web-client software currently known as the Sun Web Application Guidelines. Authored the chapter on state and status indicators, participated in the design and review discussions, and contributed to the sample code.

The Usability Group

Associate Partner; 1998 - 1999

Provided on-site qualitative usability testing, workflow/task analysis using the Bridge Methodology, and UX Process training to our customers;

We later partnered with Jeff Rubin, author of Handbook of Usability Testing, to form The Usability Group. Key clients included AC Nielsen, Earthlink, FedEX, IBM, Motorola, Nations Bank, Rand McNally, and Sun.


Manager; 1988 - 1998

Managed a diverse team of 17 professionals. This team included the first UX position.

Championed User Centered Design and Usability Testing at BellSouth. Worked with senior management to appropriate funding:

  1. $300+K to fund a Bell Communications Research project to develop the Bridge Design Methodology. This methodology provided a predictable design process where an engineering team could establish a correlation between time investment and deliverables. The Bridge Methodology involved actual users, promoted stakeholder ownership, and relied on low-tech artifacts to perform analysis and design.
  2. My team led product teams through this Methodology. The most significant project was the Regional Negotiation System that replaced an existing system for Business Service Reps throughout the 9-state region.
  3. $100+K to fund formal, laboratory usability testing of internal applications in the late 1980’s. Our testing involved VP-level stakeholders and changed the mindset around user acceptance.



  • Design leadership
  • Ability to inspire teams
  • In depth knowledge of HCI and UX design principles
  • Moderated, in-person and remote usability testing
  • Survey and questionnaire development
  • Persona development (user profile)
  • Workflow and Task Analysis (user centered, participatory design)
  • UI Object analysis and design (taxonomy for navigation)
  • Bridge Design Methodology (user centered, participatory design)
  • Card sorting (information architecture, taxonomy)
  • Storyboarding (concept development)
  • Techniques for 508 Compliance
  • Prototyping - Axure, Sketch/Invision, Illustrator, HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Methods of SEO, Google Analytics for Ecommerce
  • Speaking in public and conference engagements
  • Axure, Sketch/Invision, Illustrator, Balsamiq, HTML/CSS/Javascript as needed for prototyping
  • Jira, Miestertask, Realtime Board, Xmind
  • .


  • AVG Employee Recognition 2012
  • Accepted to participate in the SEED (Sun Engineering Enrichment and Development) Mentoring program for employees consistently receiving Superior performance ratings. SEED Mentor in 2004 and SEED Participant in 2007. As a participant, mentored by Jeet Kaul, Sun VP Software.
  • BellSouth President's Silver Award for my effort implementing a Requirements Management process during the effort to obtain CMM (Capability Maturity Model) Level 2 certification.
  • BellSouth IT Department Head award for my effort to research and select a solution for network-based backup and recovery of development systems.

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