The Bank Reconciliation project was a redesign of an original feature in Sage Live. This feature was considered the most significant and largest single effort since the original product launch.  Since launch, customer has been very positive.  From a Sage partner, they received feedback from a customer that stated: "This is by far the best feature of Sage Financials!  It is very easy to use, and I'm excited to get going with it!  Please send along my kudos to the team for a well-designed bank reconciliation feature!"
The existing feature lacked functionality and was considered by most to be hard to use. The UX challenge was to understand the many paths of bank reconciliation, then present a simple solution to a very complex process.  Customers migrating from other competing products would expect our product to be familiar, but yet better than their prior product. After months of iterating through designs with the domain experts, engineering and product marketing, I felt the design was complete.
The design process involved customer research, multiple design workshops with domain experts in Spain and the UK, and several months of iterating design concepts until the flow was seamless.
The final phase of the project was to have as many partners and customers possible to review the design. After being reviewed by 20+ users, the design held solid and was given to engineering for implementation.

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