Initially, as a team of one, I redesigned the CloudCare Portal as a HTML web app. This effort incorporated extensive customer research to provide an easy to use portal for AVG's Channel Partners. The redesign brought a standing ovation on rollout. To quote PC Magazine, "Alerting is so good that I expect many small to midsize business IT admins will take a "deploy and enjoy" stance", and "AVG does a great job of balancing simplicity and complexity.."
The redesign of CloudCare took over a year to complete, during which time I brought in two new members to the team to assist with the interaction and visual design. My design deliverable included a complete nonfunctional prototype and detailed specification of the design patterns. Although features have been added over the past several years, no significant changes to the design have been requested by our customers. The forums are quiet with issues involving usability!
The success of the CloudCare experience rested on a thorough understanding of our customer base, and a continued focus on the objectives around the product. A significant effort in the design was to achieve a single page design, minimizing the number of clicks and streamlining the workflow to better accomodate the daily tasks of our MSP Partners.

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