Based on research with small business customers, this project concept provided a simple, yet powerful cloud based solution for delivering security services to the small business owner. Over and over we were told to keep it simple. As a result, the minimum viable product continued to shrink and focus on delivering solutions that "just worked".
For this project, I was the team lead driving the research and design concept. It was an ongoing effort to simplify and minimize. The design language was patterned around Google's Material Design and was responsive across the desktop, tablet and mobile.
The research performed for this project brought a number of surprises that go against the grain of many UX efforts. First we learned that our customer base was significantly older than anticipated. Thus, cool wasn't necessarily the winning approach. Instead keeping it simple and keeping the mental model of an older user in the forefront was the goal. Second we learned that users didn't understand the concept of a portal for security and didn't understand how "cloud" worked. This brought us to the design goal that the product should meet a minimum set of requirements for users who never discover or use the portal. This research highlighted the significance of the expression, "Know thy user!".

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