The goal of this project was to redesign the navigation of Financials to make frequently performed tasks one-click away, improve user performance, and suggest workflow to the user. Research for this effort included reviewing existing customer findings/cases, interviewing partners/customers, and reviewing key competitive products.
The key challenges were understanding the workflows for each business practice within Financials (e.g., Accounts Receivable, Purchasing) and how to apply Salesforce components and patterns.
The design maintained the primary menu structure and introduced a collapsible vertical panel along the left side of the page for secondary navigation (e.g., User objects, frequently performed tasks, reports, and online help). This vertical navigation was modeled after the new Salesforce Report Builder navigation.
In addition to enhancing navigation, I also addressed the state and status of documents (e.g, Sales Invoice) within Financials. The concept was to visually represent the history/workflow of a document (e.g, Sale Order to Sales Invoice) and allow the user to easily access details for each step of the document history. Status represents pending, paid, overdue, etc. We used the Salesforce Path component to visually represent document history.

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