This project was a collaboration with Product Management to design a solution that would provide a detailed assessment of a SMB business and become a sales tool for our reseller and MSP (Managed Service Provider) partner community.
The tool assesses security within a customer's network, then assigns a set of security scores for the customer Site, devices, users, data elements, and categories of security services offered by AVG.  The reseller may deploy additional security services offered by AVG to elevate the overall score for a SMB.  The concept also allowed the MSP to drill into security attributes to discover why a particular score may have dropped for any monitored item.  This would allow the technician to proactively solve security problems.
With the collective contribution of my team, we talked to MSPs currently providing overall security solutions to their customers and developed a product concept.  My role in this project was as the overall solution Architect.  I developed the initial concept and drove the solution with Product Marketing.  Other members of my team performed the visual design and contributed the interaction was various aspects of the project.
The challenge for this project was understanding the MSP workflows around selling and implementing security for their customers. Then provide a design that provides the MSP with an overall security perspective of their customers, an intuitive drill-down to detail, and a path to remediate security problems.

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