While at Oracle, I took the initiative to elevate the need to fund and staff UX engagement for the ADF (Application Development Framework) Mobile project. Prior to my effort, the engineering team was performing this role. This project integrated native mobile components for iOS and Blackberry into the ADF mobile platform.
My role in this project was to design and create specifications that describe the interaction, behavior, and visual language for each container and simple element within each mobile platform. As UX team lead, I coordinated the visual design and review of each component. I was also responsible for working directly with engineering to implement the components. As components were built, I was able to use the ADF Design Tool to actually create small applications and connect these apps to business logic and data.
The screen shots show examples of the specifications and visual design provided to engineering for each components.
Springboard page examples
List View Detail
Examples of component detail and example page
Detailed Component Design - Typical placement and usage of the Command Button Class
Detailed Component Design - Button Class visual design

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